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AquaDropz - Irrigation Bag

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Product number: 70200000
Product information "AquaDropz - Irrigation Bag"
AquaDropz - The irrigation bag for relaxed stock irrigation.
Water bag for mobile drip irrigation

Material PE with textile compound, UV-resistant

approx. 420 g/piece
approx. 75 liters

Watering bag made of green polyethylene with black reinforcement strip at the bottom and
robust nylon zipper.
The bag has drainage points on the bottom and empties in 4 - 9 hours, depending on the
substrate. The Aquadropz mobile drip irrigation system is UV stabilized. For filling hoses up to 6 cm in diameter.
Simple bags can be used for trunk circumference up to a maximum of 10 cm. For trunks
with a circumference of more than 10 cm and up to 20 cm, two bags should be used.
The irrigation bag can be used only if the lower trunk of the tree is free of branches up to a height of
of approximately 70 cm is free of branches.


  •     perfect for freshly planted young trees
  •     targeted and highly effective water distribution, even in depth for a longer
  •     lasting water supply in the soil
  •     set up in a few minutes without tools
  •     water only 1-2 times per week, or top up as needed
  •     discreet appearance, blends ideally into the landscape
  •     promotes deep root growth
  •     saves time and water by effectively saturating and storing water
  •     can also be filled with water containing nutrients/fertilizers
  •     can be quickly and easily expanded to effectively water larger trees thanks to the nylon zipper
  •     can be used as a stand-alone mobile drip irrigation system

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