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AquaFloora-120-2-Layer, appr. 200gr/m², 50 m rolls

Product number: P58500104
Weight: 0.4 Pounds

AquaFloora optimizes the irrigation on your potting tables. Due to the seamless combination of highly capillary AquaFil-Mat and GroundCover you will benefit from:

• Extremely simple handling - both textile surfaces are permanently laminated and do not slip apart.

• A very smooth surface, which is easily and quickly cleaned – wiping or sweeping is completed in no time

• A wrinkle-free surface, which reduces puddles and associated evaporation

Our irrigation mat consists of:
Layer 1 (Surface): a lightproof and water permeable woven textile/ground cover for an easy handling and cleaning and also to protect the application from algae.
Layer 2: a non-woven light-weight but extremely absorbent capillary mat for a high water retention and even distribution

• 200 g-Fabric - water-holding capacity of approx. 1 Liter - with AquaFil 120

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