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Cable drum type II

Product number: 21199103
Weight: 0.942 Pounds
Thanks to the notches in the plastic, this cable drum enables controlled spooling of wires in the shading system and therefor a smooth travel path.  Friction of cords and wire on the cable drum is avoided. 
The clam-shell construction enables ex post installation of the cable drum on the drive shaft. The two shells get connected quick and easy with 4 bolts that are delivered with the hose clamp. Installation to the drive shaft is realized with a headless screw. The cable drum is made of high-impact resistant plastic, a material that preserves the wire and therefor increases its life span. 
Can be used with cords with a diameter up to 3 mm 
For 34 mm drive shafts
Capacity of cable drum: up to 5,70 m of cord
Cable drum: High impact resistant plastic
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